SCM Timeline:

– 2004:

  • Founding SCM in Damascus
  • Registering SCM in France

– 2005:

  • Preparing to lauch “Syrian Scene” project
  • “Supporting detainees and their families ” program

– 2006:

  • Publishing “The Status of Media and freedom of expression in Syria” report
  • Launching the e-newspaper “Syrian Scene”
  • Producing “Syria Time” film (two parts)
  • Publishing “The right to live” study
  • Closing SCM office in Baghdad St. (Damascus) and blocking the “Syrian Scene” e-newspaper

– 2007:

  • Re-opening SCM’s office in Mazzeh-Damascus
  • “Observing the Syrian media performance during the parliamentary elections” Report
  • “Observing the Syrian media performance during the presidential elections” Report
  • Accrediting SCM’s methodology in observing quantative and qualitative content of media websites by Mimo98 foundation
  • “Black and White” magazine award
  • “A year of an iron sensorship” Report
  • Lawsuit against Israel in regard to the Syrian journalist “Ata Farahat” case
  • “Saving what can be saved” Campaign
  • SCM is elected by (IFIAS) to run their programs in the middle east and Turkey
  • “Cultural assemblage” and “Youth of tomorrow” programs, Saint Moses monastery, pere Paulo
  • “Media law amendment” Campaign

– 2008:

  • Launching a campaign against media censorship
  • Banning “Markets and Stocks” awards festival
  • Newroz day festivity
  • Adopting Kurdish language as an official language at SCM
  • Organizing a visit for “reporters without borders” to Syria (prevented at the borders)
  • Banning “International day of freedom of expression” festivity
  • Publishing “Taming the internet” Study
  • SCM president and CEO arrested and judged by the military judiciary
  • Producing a film on Child labor
  • Producing a film on extremism and

– 2009:

  • “New media and democracy” Program
  • “Travel ban delimma in Syria” study
  • A campaign against publications’ distribution ban
  • “The right of accessing information” campaign
  • “To the translator” theater play
  • “Passion” program and awarding several writers/artists
  • SCM office in Damascus is closed and confiscated

– 2010:

  • Re-opening SCM Damascus office
  • SCM is granted consultancy membership at EECR
  • “Censorship culture is censoring culture” study

– 2011:

  • “Media against citizenship” Report
  • Launching “Media club” magazine
  • Establishing “Violations’ Documentation Center- VDC”
  • “Publications distribution frequency” Report
  • “Jouralists in Syria stormed by violations” Report
  • Launching “Ana Mondas” group
  • Colleague and lawyer “Razan Ghazzawi” is arrested
  • “Creative tools in the Syrian revolution” Study

– 2012:

  • SCM members arrested, Damascus office closed
  • The release of detained colleagues
  • Colleagues are re-arrested and stood a trail by military judiciary
  • Releasing some of the detained colleagues
  • Colleague “Ayham Ghazzoul” dies under torture
  • Colleague “Khalil Ma’touq” is arrested and disappeared
  • 5 of SCM members are transferred to Terrorism Court
  • A campaign to release SCM members

– 2013:

  • SCM office in Douma is raided, colleagues “Razan Zaitouneh, Nazem Hammadi, Wael Hmadeh and Samira Al-khalil are arrested
  • Two SCM members released
  • A campaign to release the rest of SCM detained members
  • SCM membership in FIDH
  • UN General Assembly demanding the release of SCM members in decision no. 262/67

– 2014:

  • A campaign to release SCM detained members
  • Decision no.43/2013 is issued by the special UN working team (16/01/2014) stating that SCM members were arbitrarily arrested
  • Contributing to the comprehensive periodic review of 2011 and approving SCM as a reference to the final report (approved in 05/10/2011)
  • Distributing more than 2500 different book titles in “Damascus Dinner” in order to support reading and improving the education levels
  • “Violations against journalists and citizen journalists who worked in Syria since 2011 till 2014 from the international humanitarian law perspective” Study
  • UN Security council adopts decision no. 2139 which demanded the release of all arbitrarily detained people, including SCM members

– 2015:

  • A campaign to release SCM detained members
  • Three SCM members released
  • Renewing the consultancy membership at EECHR
  • Contributing to UN security council decision no. 2222
  • Attending the security council meeting 7450, 27/06/2015, New York
  • Supporting the initiative to build a school for Syrian refugee children in Bekaa vally, Lebanon 2014-2015

– 2016:

  • Participating in the “civil society support rooms” at Geneva talks
  • A membership in “Transitional justice coordination group”
  • American journalist “Marie Colvin” lawsuit – USA
  • “Dabbagh” family lawsuit – France
  • “Lafarge” lawsuit – France

– 2017:

  • Launching “Syrian journalist house” project
  • “Hate speech observatory”
  • GFMD Membership
  • IFEX Membership
  • IPI Membership
  • Registering “State of Law” Center in Turkey
  • “Journalists Club” Award, Gaziantep- Turkey
  • Opening SCM office in Berlin
  • Military intelligence Lawsuit – Germany
  • Airforce intelligence Lawsuit – Germany
  • Saydnaya Prison Lawsuit – Germany
  • SCM governance